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Chowdhry Chirag Shah ( Circa 1725)  is first known ancestor of ours. He had one son Ch. Guchhae Shah  was known as Rai Sahib and he had one son named Sardar Bahadur Ram Singh , first person to be converted to Sikhism.
Sardar  Bahhadur Ram Singh  had two sons , Dr. Atma Singh and Sundar  Singh.  Sardar Sundar Singh had three sons Sardara Singh, Kartar Singh & Ganesha Singh. We also know Kartar Singh had three sons Balwant , Gurbash and Jaspal Singh.Out of these three brothers Balwant Singh had three sons B.P.Singh, R.P.Singh and B.Singh. Efforts are being made to find out more about this family and shall update this information as and when available.
However the family is known by its greatest visionary & charismatic son Dr. Atma Singh. He had a pragmatic approach towards education and emphasized that girls must be educated at any cost. 
Dr.Atma Singh ( died 1907 )  had six children as follows:
1.Sardar Dayal Singh
2.Dr. Makhan Singh
3.Dr.Mukha Singh
4.Sardar Kahn Singh
5. Sardarni Mathro Kaur
6. Sardarni Dhanwant Kaur
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